Chris Brown & Tyga On Ebro In The Morning & The Breakfast Club

Chris Brown and Tyga also stopped at Ebro In The Morning while at Hot 97 to promote Fan Of A Fan: The Album.
A lot of topics were covered from the GRAMMYs to Kylie Jenner, of course. Chris Brown stated that the GRAMMYS are “bullsh*t” but that he would never vote for another artist, his recent club appearance in San Jose where the club had a shooting and what his community service entails and Tyga discussed his relationship with Kylie Jenner, his shot at Drake on Twitter and more.
It looks like Chris Brown and Drake aren’t exactly on great terms as we thought, with Breezy saying “I don’t mess with dude” (25:20 mark). Also at Drake’s show in Auckland, he rapped “I got RnB n*ggas that I gotta act like I like”. Check out the interview below.

 His interview on Breakfast Club is now available. He talks about relationship with Kanye, being cordial with Rihanna, staying out of trouble, friendship with Tyga, why he feels the music industry is racist, not messing with Drake, having the most respect for 50 Cent, and more.
He also indirectly refers to Drake as a “corny singing rapper”.
“There’s nowhere else to go. Who else in this game is Rihanna gonna go to? Some corny singing rapper?! Who hotter than me”

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