Kanye West Returns To The Breakfast Club

One of The Breakfast Club’s most watched and talked about interviews is their 2013 Kanye West one, in which Charlamagne The God told Ye why he wasn’t a fan of Yeezus and more. Watch the first interview below.

This morning, Kanye West stopped by at The Breakfast Club once again. This time, he talked about the Yeezy Boosts, stating that he wanted them neither to be $350 nor limited but Adidas had all the say in that, talked about what he thinks of Amber Rose’s recent comments about the Kardashian sisters, working with Dame Dash, Beck’s album, his next album and a lot more.
Kanye admitted that he hadn’t heard Beck’s album but played it during a dinner with Taylor Swift in a restaurant recently. He also wants to call him to apologize for his comments.
Some other highlights:
– the all Black Yeezy Boosts are coming soon
– says he’s the most influential person in footwear right now
– says he has 21 GRAMMY awards but he deserves more
– he doesn’t like auto-tune either but needs it
– he had to take 30 showers (after breaking up with Amber) before being with Kim
– says Dame Dash presented him to the world and wouldn’t have a record deal if it wasn’t for him
– says Tyga was smart to get it with Kylie Jenner
– says his last album was a protest (“the only music was ‘Bound'”) but the next one is more musical
– Kanye and Virgil worked on ‘All Day’ last night
– he’s about 80% done with the album and says that release dates are “played out”
– will possibly do a joint album with Drake
“I’m from Chicago, my wife has a big ass, Imma stay Ghetto.”
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UPDATE: In the interview which was streamed live, Kanye said “I think they’re in love man” while talking about Tyga and Kylie but it was edited out of the final video clip. You can listen to that part below.
UPDATE 2: Amber responds to Kanye. About to get messy.
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